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DarkScape was a variant of RuneScapeannounced on 16 September It was a fork of the main RuneScape code as of late May[1]featuring an open PvP environment without "safe zones".

Furthermore, only Legacy Mode combat was available; everyone started at combat level 3; and progress in RuneScape did not affect DarkScape in any way.

These guards do not exist in the high-threat areas, some guards would avoid these areas. DarkScape used the same servers and world numbers that the Beta used, and Clan Chats were available, although DarkScape clans were independent from the main game. It was announced on 29 February that it would close on 28 Marchfollowing a lack of interest.

More beneficial resources, such as sharks or yew treeswere instead found in dangerous areas such as the Wilderness. This also included monsters, such as grotworms and even the Queen Black Dragon.

Lodestone teleports could only be used with no items equipped or held and the teleportation animation for all teleports was slower and could be interrupted by combat. Low-threat areas had varying risk levels, meaning that players could only attack other players within a certain level of their own combat level.

For example: In a risk level of 3, a level 50 player could attack players between levels 47 and The risk levels on the surface ranged from 1 to 29, which was determined by a location's distance from the centre of a major city.

Some quest areas were designated as low threat, but had 99 as the attacking range. Low-threat areas contained high level guards in towns, as well as patrolling the roads. Low-threat areas could be identified by a green shield. In medium-threat areas, there were no risk levels, meaning a player could attack any other player, regardless of their level difference.

Guards were stationed only in towns, and did not patrol roads. Medium-threat areas could be identified by a red shield and a single sword. High-threat areas also lacked risk levels like medium-threat areas, except guards were not present at all. Two common examples of high-threat areas included the upper and basement floors of some buildings, as well as the Wilderness.

High-threat areas could be identified by a skull and two crossed swords. Some safe areas in the original game were changed into high threat areas, such as Player-owned houses and the Rune Essence mine. The Wilderness was unique in DarkScapein that the minimap was disabled and a dark overlay was placed to greatly reduce visibility. However, blocking of teleportation in high level Wilderness in the original RuneScape was disabled here. Each area also has its own Grand Exchangeand each in a threat used to have a different market to encourage trading in different areas.

This was removed at the same time as the removal of smuggling, afterwards each were instead given a level of tax to use to encourage trading in the higher threat areas.OS Buddy pro unlocks unrivaled graphics, premium features, and unparallelled performance. By purchasing OSBuddy pro you are agreeing to our licencerefund policyand privacy policy. Toggle navigation. Sign in. I agree to the terms of use. Quick Hop Allows you to seamlessly hop between worlds.

Hiscores Enables you to easily look up your friends or foes and offers autocomplete based on who is around you, on your friends list, or in your friends chat Experience Keeps track of your experience gains and shows you information about it Price Guide Allows you to search offers from the price guide Treasure Trail Assistant Provides helpful tools to improve your Treasure Trail experience Farming Tracks all things farming Calculators A plugin that provides calculators.

Hitpoints Orb Overlays poison information on the Hitpoints orb! Special Attack Orb Displays the amount of special energy remaining on a minimap orb Timer Manager Manages all of the various timers available ranging from bosses to potion effects Camera Zoom Change your camera zoom by holding ctrl and scrolling up or down. All Opponent Info Displays how much health your opponent has Player Opponent Stats Displays a comparison of your opponent's stats and yours Current Boosts Displays your current boosts or drains on your screen Experience Drop Displays your experience gains as you get them Attack Style Displays which attack style you are currently on for many weapons.

Optionally enable warnings for when in defensive mode World Map Shows an interactive world map which integrates with other plugins Hunter Displays information about the status of your traps Clan Chat Displays amount of people in the clan chat, ability to show ranks in chat Name in TitleBar Shows your currently logged in account's name in the window's title bar. This is useful for being logged in on multiple accounts.

Clan View Displays nearby people wearing the same team cape Location Service Share your location in-game for plugins which utilize this information.

Can automatically upload screenshots to Imgur Menu Bar Links Creates a series of links on the menu bar to allow easy navigation to useful resources Cooking A plugin to help you keep track of what you've cooked Accessory Analytics Screenshot Gallery Easily manage your captured screenshots Trade Notifier Alerts you when you receive a trade or duel request Waterskin Displays the amount of waterskin doses whilst within the desert Altar Locator Shows prayer altars on the minimap if you need to pray Authenticator Keep your account secure by using our authentication app with the Jagex authenticator Slayer Displays your current task, the amount remaining, and where the monster is within the game and minimap Item Overlay Displays names and quantities of nearby items on the ground Potion Overlay Displays the boosts and drains from consumable potions GE Guide Price Overlay Shows the actual value of the items according to the RSBuddy exchange Shazam Want some Pro?

Chat Recolor Allows you to recolor chat messages in game. Chat Playback Keeps track of your in-game chat, and will replay it back to you in each new session. Chat Commands Adds commands to the chat! Virtual Levels Show virtual levels within the stats tab. Only the bottom number will be changed. Fairy Ring tools Combat A system that tracks your kills while you do combat Health Regeneration Shows how long until you will next regenerate health Corporeal Beast Highlights the core and tells you who is being attacked Runecrafting Updates you on the states of your pouches!

Blast Furnace Displays the status of various objects within the Blast Furnace minigame Mining Collection of useful tools for mining. Idle notifications, resource logging, profits, obstacle highlighting, and more! Woodcutting Displays helpful information about various trees you can cut down Friend Displayer Shows you where your friends are on the minimap and on the game screen Fishing Displays how many fish you have caught as well as what each fishing spot contains Skills Tray Icon Displays either your prayer or your hitpoints in the system tray Prayer Lets you know the optimal time to drink a prayer potion to avoid wasting any doses Player-owned House Tools Collection of useful tools when inside of a Player-owned house.

Miscellania Overlay Tells you the current approval rating of your kingdom. Agility Displays helpful information about Agility courses Logout Alerter Alerts you when you're about to be logged out of the game Cannonballs Lets you know how many cannonballs you have remaining Impling Finder Displays Implings on your minimap and in-game Food Overlay Display how much health you will gain from a consumable item Trade Overlay Displays the value of each side of the trade on the top part of the trade window using market values Bank Overlay Displays the value of each item in the bank using the market value or alch values Twitch Helper Shows information about your current twitch followers Nightmare Zone Helper Locates and labels nearby power-ups Death Marker Marks the location you died on the world map and minimap Ring of Recoil Notifier Notifies you when your Ring of Recoil breaks!

Highlight notifier Notifies and highlights when keyphrases are said in chat Jewelry Shows charges for various jewelry Enchant Helper Helps you when enchanting jewelry Pest Control Shows portal orders, spinner locations and much more! Clue Scroll Messages Displays the value of your clue scroll in chat! Screen Markers Manage various screen markers Chat Shortcuts Provides some potentially useful chat shortcuts!

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Allows you to seamlessly hop between worlds. Enables you to easily look up your friends or foes and offers autocomplete based on who is around you, on your friends list, or in your friends chat. Keeps track of your experience gains and shows you information about it. Allows you to search offers from the price guide. Provides helpful tools to improve your Treasure Trail experience.Post your fictional stories, or roleplay those stories with fellow players!

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Lamb (Player-owned farm)

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konduit rs3

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Patch Notes A forum section to discuss patch notes, also lists them all! Existing Game Content Tell us how you would improve on something already in-game.By KiritoDecember 21, in Random. This time i gonna talk about a client i have found wich works the same as OSBuddy but everything is completly free with free i mean the pro functions osbuddy has to offer are free in that client.

So after pressing that you will end up with the list off available features. I cant go in full detail off all the features since i'm still working out what does what. Alltough there is still a function to check your ge offer statusses and so on now i gonna show some stuff ingame itself! So first off all there are custom orbs you can change those to your needs i'l also include a list off available options bellow. The way your bank wealth is shown is differently than the function off osbuddy.

Right click the op button when while your bank is open a small menu will popup with the following options. Pressing "Show Bank evaluator" a window on the right side should popup if it dosn't you can just press this icon. Something else this client has to offer is a world map that won't close itself when it has to render a certain landschape. Do you see that small white cross on the map? Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

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Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Random Search In. No fee just usefull! Konduit Client. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted December 21, Hello and welcome to yet another post from me. This time i gonna talk about a client i have found wich works the same as OSBuddy but everything is completly free with free i mean the pro functions osbuddy has to offer are free in that client So the client itself has the option to run RS3, OSRS and Dark Scape.

The map looks like the image bellow. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

konduit rs3

Posted December 30, edited. Posted December 30, Reply to this topic Insert image from URL. Go To Topic Listing. Sign In Sign Up.Cremation is the ability to burn bones on a bonfire or portable brazier for Prayer and Firemaking experience.

It is a rare drop from ghosts and ghost-like monsters see below.

Lamb (Player-owned farm)

Upon receiving the ability, players will receive a game message: You have unlocked the ability to burn bones on bonfires! Cremation was initially a reward from the Hallowe'en eventcosting 10, points. After the event, it and ghost hunter equipment was added as a rare drop from ghostly creatures, much like the ectoplasmator before it.

Cremating bones grants 2. For example, dragon bones grant 72 Prayer experience when buried; cremating dragon bones grants Prayer experience and Firemaking experience. While cremation grants less experience than using a gilded altar or the Ectofuntusit is competitive with these methods due to the Firemaking experience granted and the speed of usage particularly compared to the Ectofuntus.

Additionally, ironmen can use cremation as an alternative to the gilded altar that does not require training Construction or purchasing the materials needed if they are lucky enough to get it as a drop. Cremation is also the only of the three methods that free to play players have access to. Bones cannot be cremated on permanent fires, only player-made bonfires and braziers.

Cremation cannot be done inside Dungeoneering instances, using any kind of bones on fires in the instances will result in "Nothing interesting happens" message appearing.

Cremation does not stack with brawling gloves or bonus experience weekends. Only bones can be used for cremations; ashes do not work. The speed of burning a bone is 4 ticks 2. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

konduit rs3

Categories :. Wolf bones. Burnt bones. Monkey bones. Large zombie monkey bones.Sheep are mammals found throughout the game. Players can use shears on most sheep to gain a piece of woolwhich they can make into a ball of wool. Sheep that can be sheared appear bulkier than the ones that have been recently sheared.

konduit rs3

Sheep will sometimes try to get away from players when they are attempting to shear it. There are also talking sheep in Zanaris. In this questplayers must gather twenty black balls of wool for Fred the Farmer by shearing his Black sheep and spinning the black wool. North-east of Lumbridge there is a sheep pen, and inside the pen there is a pair of penguins disguised as a sheep.

They are an important part in the Cold War quest. The sheep is labelled "odd-looking sheep. There are four groups of sick-looking sheep north of East Ardougnewhich are said to have the plague. Players kill some of these in the Sheep Herder quest. It later transpires that they are not sick at all, only dyed to make it appear that they were. The player must re-dye them in Mourning's End Part I. The sheep near the master fairy ring in Zanaris can be talked to, and will offer to recite a poem it composed.

Occasionally, it will recite the first stanza of the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, and the nearby cow will say, "That's not even your poem, you idiotic, animated ball of wool! Do you read poetry, instead of pulling a plough? I think not!

Sheep are said to be favoured by Guthix. Sheep are said to be the favoured race of Guthix. In Issue 25 of the God Lettershe says: "I respect the sheep, for their purpose is essential, albeit secret. Some day the rest of you mortals might discover the true power of the sheep, innocent in appearance but essential in bearing, and realise why they shelter under my protection for the time being.

In regards to sheep, Bob the Cat states that they were the first thing Guthix brought to Gielinorfollowed by cats. Traiborn in the Wizards' Tower mentions to "have a good time and watch out for sheep! They're more cunning than they look. Players can temporarily be turned into a sheep if they wear items affiliated with Saradomin or Zamorak whilst entering the Guthix portal in Castle Wars. The sheep engram is one of the twelve that are involved in the Memorial of Guthix Distraction and Diversion.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. This article is about the sheep with white wool. For others uses, see Sheep disambiguation. Standard Shaggy. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Sheep Shearer.

Combat Calculator

Main article: Sheep penguins.There's no denying that RuneScape works best in Google Chrome, you will see immediate performance enhances. On behalf of all the SwiftKit team I'd like to wish you all a happy and safe holidays. To help celebrate we've dropped the price of SwiftKit Mobile to just 99 cents for a limited time. This update we see various changes made to the Calculators.

The most notable change has been the refresh of the Max Hit calcs. Both the ranged and melee Max Hit calcs have been brought up to date and now much more accurate. We haven't added all possible options to them just yet, so if you'd like something added please hit us up on the forums and suggest it. In addition to the Max Hit calc changes we've also made the columns in the Progress Calc sortable.

So now you can sort your goals by any of the fields. See the full story for a full list of the changes. Also remember to head over to the SwiftKit Forums if you have any suggestions or problems. All rights reserved. This site is in no way affiliated with Jagex Ltd.

SwiftKit is a Toolkit designed for RuneScape players by conveniently bringing together all common RuneScape tools and features from fansites into one single application. For your computer For your mobile. SwiftKit, Chrome and RuneScape 3! Happy Holidays!