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Asus rog swift pg32uqx acer predator x32

24.10.2020 By Moll

Acer is offering gamers a more immersive and expansive view with a trio of new Predator monitors that have large displays and a powerful feature set: the inch Predator X32, Featuring a rapid Hz refresh rate, the Predator X32 delivers stunningly clear and fluid visuals that are essential for tracking objects as they zip across the screen. Outfitted with an IPS[2] panel, it provides wide angle views up to degrees, helping gamers get a good aim on targets.

The ergonomic stand furthers viewing comfort with adjustable swivel and height. Three HDMI 2. It also comes with two 4W stereo speakers. The Predator CGK provides the ultimate viewing experience via a giant inch 4K x OLED panel with millions of individual pixels to deliver spectacular picture quality and higher contrast. It also lets them make every second count with up to an incredibly fast 0.

asus rog swift pg32uqx acer predator x32

Excellent connectivity to a wide range of systems, consoles and peripherals includes three HDMI 2. Two 10W speakers deliver 20W of dynamic audio and customizable light strips enhance the hardware aesthetic. MSI Afterburner 4. The large Think the asus will be the same!

asus rog swift pg32uqx acer predator x32

Think I will stay with my monitor for a long time since I love it so far. Undying Senior Member Posts: Joined: Error8 Member Posts: 65 Joined: Now if only I can find a way to fit it on my very small wall I thought the specs pretty good and then saw the price. Nothings ever perfect! Click here to post a comment for this news story on the message forum.CES is one of the biggest showcases for PC gaming hardware.

That includes the latest in monitors, which are not only getting bigger but are also getting faster refresh rates. Say you are a serious online PC gamer.

You likely want to compete online with friends, or maybe you are even a pro esports competitor. For the past few years, it has become increasingly important for gamers to have as fast of a refresh rate as possible for their monitor. As the name suggests, this monitor will offer up to Hz refresh rates. You will get a clearer image of the game, with lower latency, and that could be all the difference between winning or losing a match.

It will go on sale sometime later this year but no price point has been revealed. It also has an zone Mini LED backlight, which allows games to show off bright highlights and darkest blacks for terrific contrast.

Asus ProArt PA32UCX Review: First Mini-LED Monitor Wows

It includes up to a Hz refresh rate. However, we expect the final cost to be pretty expensive. The Acer Predator X32 monitor is a high-end gaming monitor at an equally high-end price. The monitor also has three HDMI 2. It has three HDMI 2. Finally, the monitor has two built-in 10W speakers. It is also supposed to have a 0. The Elite XG is due for release in the fourth quarter of The price has yet to be revealed but we suspect it will be extremely high.

The monitor includes a 4-port USB 3. The Legion T monitor has a That said, each monitor is made for a different audience. The PSUR supports up to 4K resolution, making it better for content creators who want to have more real estate for projects.This inch IPS display with quantum-dot technology heralds a new generation of gaming.

It provides a wide DCI-P3 color gamut for more realistic colors and smoother color gradation, and HDR technology to deliver vivid details and lifelike contrast.

Additionally, a built-in light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the light conditions of your environment. ROG Swift PG27UQ is the very first monitor to run 4K UHD x content at a Hz refresh rate, providing gamers with detailed ultra-high definition visuals at extremely smooth frame rates and a 4ms response time.

Get unmatched levels of details, sharp images and crisp text. The brightest whites and darkest blacks are able to bring out details like never before. PG27UQ is the first and only gaming monitor with DisplayHDR certification, the display industry's fully open standard specifying HDR quality, including luminance, color gamut, bit depth and rise time that targets not only gaming monitors, but also displays for professionals, enthusiasts and content-creators.

With local dimming, its LED backlight is dynamically controlled across zones, providing very high contrast for richer, more natural-looking dark scenes. It can selectively turn LEDs on and off to create a wide range of dynamic luminance for a much richer, nuanced image.

Enjoy the latest first-person shooters, sports and action-adventure games at super-fast frame rates, even at the highest graphics settings! Enjoy the coolest and most stylish backdrop for any gaming setup, and have all lights pulsing to the beat of your favorite music or game sound effects.

ROG Swift PG27UQ uses an ambient light sensor to check the light conditions around you and adjust the brightness levels of the display.

The sensor lowers brightness in dark conditions and raises brightness in well-lit conditions. It includes two ROG logo covers and three blank covers that you can use to create customized light projections that show your unique gaming style.

A crosshair overlay provides four different crosshair options, so you can select the one that best suits the shooter you're currently playing. Onscreen timer that can be positioned on the left of the display to keep track of elapsed game time.

The FPS counter lets you know how smoothly the game is running.

The best PC monitors of CES 2020

Activating the display alignment function gives users three alignment lines on all four corners of the monitor to take the guesswork out of multi-display set-ups, so each monitor lines up perfectly.

This function is co-developed with input from pro gamers, allowing them to practice and improve their gaming skills. ASUS-exclusive technology provides up to six preset display modes to optimize visuals for different types of games.

There are also two USB 3. Select from four different filter settings via the on-screen menu. ROG Swift PG27UQ reduces on-screen flicker to minimize eye strain during marathon gaming sessions, giving you a more comfortable gaming experience. ROG Swift PG27UQ features a stand that's ergonomically designed to offer extensive swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustment - so you can always get the perfect viewing angle. Modal header. Watch the Product Video. GamePlus Technology A crosshair overlay provides four different crosshair options, so you can select the one that best suits the shooter you're currently playing.

Enhances color saturation and contrast sharpness to give you better, brighter colors and detailed visuals for real-time strategy RTS or RPG games. High contrast brightens up darker areas and shadows onscreen to help gamers spot hidden enemies. Provide more contrast gradations makes grass greener and skies bluer so it's ideal for slide shows. Low Blue Light Level 0 1 2 3 4.One monitor was refreshing at Hz, the other at a mere Hz.

I leaned forward for a closer look. Suddenly, I felt as if the room was about to tip on one side. A nearby Asus rep gave me a knowing smile as I stepped back to catch my balance.

For those unfamiliar, Hz means the display shows a fresh image times per second. A typical office monitor refreshes at 60Hz, or 60 times per second. Gaming monitors have crept toward making Hz the norm. A Hz refresh rate is kind of dumb. Some games like the Battlefield franchise have engine framerate caps that sit well below FPS.

asus rog swift pg32uqx acer predator x32

And yet, I did see a difference, even against the Hz display. The Hz refresh rate improves clarity during fast movement. The result? I also tried a reaction time demo that clearly showed the advantage of Hz in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensivewhere a few milliseconds can make the difference between victory and defeat. Granted, it can help you spot the tiny particle effects of an incoming attack as you zoom across a League of Legends map at warp speed.

There are reasons. For most gamers, however, this display is nuts. Asus makes no apologies. Where will we go at CES ?

Mini LED monitors are a thing. They use hundreds or thousands of individual LEDs to light up the screen, providing more control over picture quality. Darks can appear darker, and bright can appear brighter. The searing light of an explosion completely freaked out my poor iPhone.

Those inch monitors look tiny, though, next to the biggest monitors at the show. What I do have a problem with is the price. Why would anyone buy the Acer Predator X32 when you could buy a inch television for the same price? I know, I know.Acer Predator: 3 monitor gaming al CES.

asus rog swift pg32uqx acer predator x32

Laptopini juga mengusung teknologi G-syncNvidia. Sold and Shipped by antonline. Hp deskjet driver. Shopping for a gaming monitor used to be a simple affair. Eft m1 firmware. Acer Predator X Favorite product of CES Gt c firmware. Proudly display beautiful ROG wallpapers on your gaming desktop or laptop.

Mini LEDs are, as the name suggests, miniaturised versions of the normal. See More Options.

Expect them on shelves near the latter half ofor 1H All things considered, this latest addition to the lineup looks like it will be packing quite the punch.

It won't have the color clarity or contrast of a nice IPS display, but Asus is pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a gaming monitor with the Swift The Acer Predator X Gaming Mouse Pads. Update driver Wi Fi Windows 7. However, we expect the final cost to be pretty expensive. Acer last week announced that its 4K HDR Predator X27 gaming display would be delayed to Q1 meaning, no such thing below your Christmas tree or on your fireplace sock, sadly. That makes it a great addition for anyone considering a new monitor.

It has a Hz refresh rate and supports G-Sync Ultimate. Zte v firmware. It's a inch ultrawide x VA. This is a great resource for people who tend to misplace important documents, especially those that don't see much use.We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands. Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results no blurred results. Get insider access. Best Monitors. Monitor Recommendations. View all monitor recommendations. UltraSharp UQ.

Alienware AWDW.

ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ Review - A 4K, 144Hz, HDR 1000 Beast?

Space SR Predator XBHU. Predator X Predator XBK. Predator Z35P. Nitro XVX. Nitro XFQ. Zowie XLP. Zowie XL Elite XGQG. Elite XG OMEN X OMEN With its near-full coverage of Rec. The upcoming Asus and Acer monitors should be cheaper than our review subject since they target gaming, and the smaller Lenovo screen and MSI laptop, naturally, will also be lower-priced.

This review was conducted before these was such strong promise of more mini-LED PC consumer displays in the near future. Those shopping for a new high-res monitor have a few choices that mainly follow price lines. The best image quality costs the most money. Where typical LED diodes are around 0. That means you can pack a lot more of them into the same space. The Asus, Acer and HP boast zones, which is still enough to eliminate the halo effect that sometimes appears with local-dimming backlights.

Every mode is factory-calibrated to within 1 Delta E dE for grayscale and color. The PA32UCX is large and comes in an equally large carton with the base and upright already assembled. Together, the base and upright weigh more than most entire displays. The panel snaps on or you can use its mm VESA mount with aftermarket brackets and arms. You also get a snap-on light hood and a cover for the input panel.

There is no mistaking its intended use as a professional tool. Styling is simple and elegant, with an all-metal cylindrical upright that tapers at the bottom.

Combined with the base and panel, it weighs over 30 pounds. Adding the light hood turns it into a formidable package requiring a good amount of desktop space. Controls consist of five buttons around the back right, plus a joystick and power toggle. Ergonomic adjustments include 5. Everything moves with a solid premium feel.

The input panel is packed with three HDMI 2. We were surprised not to see DisplayPort 1. Of course, input lag, response time and the 60Hz refresh rate will dissuade hardcore gamers craving speed. Additional ports include Thunderbolt 3 in and out, along with three USB 3. The OSD is massive but logically laid out into nine sections.

You also get every flavor of HDR support.